5 Amazing Epoxy Floor Decorating Ideas Painting Services Have To Offer

Epoxy floors are among the best flooring options that are perfect for both commercial and residential buildings. Epoxy floors are loved for all the benefits that they have to offer.

Why Choose Epoxy Floor Painting Services

Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy once you have an epoxy floor installed. Epoxy floors are;

  • Very durable
  • Work well with under flooring heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Water-resistant
  • Beautiful and very attractive
  • Available in different colours and designs
  • Resistant to chemicals and stains

Epoxy is a very easy material to work with and that’s why this blog contains amazing epoxy floor decorating ideas that you can try today.

1.  Painting Services for Unique Reflective Metallic Epoxy Floors

Currently, reflective metallic epoxy floors are the chicest flooring option in both concreting and painting services. The technique used in the installation of this type of epoxy floor gives the surface an elegant, glossy, and unique aesthetic finish. It is a good flooring option for a person looking for a low maintenance floor. A metallic epoxy floor is resistant to stains, ultraviolet radiation and chemicals. These features make it one of the most durable flooring options in the market.

5 Amazing Epoxy Floor Decorating Ideas Painting Services Have To Offer

It is a good floor solution in restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, factories and malls. The best part is that when it comes to picking the colours and designs, the list is extensive. Here is a few examples of the colours and patterns available out there;

  • Gunmetal/brass
  • Gold
  • Metallic copper
  • Charcoal
  • Crystal silver etc

2.  Elegant Epoxy Terrazzo Floors by Painting Services

Even though epoxy terrazzo floors are among the oldest flooring options in the industry, they are still on top of the game because of the amazing timeless effect they leave on surfaces. Just like the metallic ones, epoxy terrazzo floors are easy to work with. You can create endless patterns and layouts using this flooring option.

3.  Wood Epoxy Floors with a Natural Effect by Painting Services

The idea of using real timber as a flooring tile option is good and cheap because wood is readily available. However, disaster strikes once the wood starts rotting. Epoxy wood floors is a good flooring option for people who want to achieve that natural and woody appearance. It has the following advantages: epoxy wood floors are;

  • Cheap to maintain
  • Resistant to stains and chemicals
  • Perfect in verandas, house interior and around the garden
  • Strong enough to withstand heavy loads

Epoxy woody floors are durable and allow you to maximise the space well.

4.  Painting Services Shiny Epoxy Floors with Colourful Flakes

Something good about shiny epoxy floors is that their uses are versatile. You can have them installed in the interior or exterior surfaces of your building. It is a good flooring option to use in schools, hospitals and areas where kids love to hug around.

5.  Painting Services Bogus Fusion Stain Epoxy Floors

This is the perfect flooring solution to use on the outdoor floors of commercial and residential apartments. It has a rough texture which makes it a choice to use in garages, driveways, basements and pool decks.


Epoxy floors are among the most trendy flooring option you should try. But to ensure that the outcome is perfect and durable it is better to ask for help from painting services with experience in the flooring industry.